Full Strawberry Moon

Luna MothI have seen many butterflies and moths recently, but had not yet sighted a Luna Moth – one of my favorites – until I was out picking up sticks and a pale green shape caught my eye.  It was a little tattered and missing head and antennae, but still had its striking tailed silhouette.  With some embellishment, I drew and painted its portrait.

This serendipitous find came just before the Full Strawberry Moon, which appears tonight.  I can always find the names of the full moons, and when they occur, on our Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Calendar.  It is full of folklore, quotes and verse, and facts about nature and gardening.

My illustration, below, celebrates the peak season for ripe strawberries.  We have had such a proliferation of bunnies that I included a couple of cottontails, as well! Full Strawberry Moon

Here is a very brief story about two kitties:

Once upon a time, little Nixie Boy the cat sought a bit of quietude.  Having no room to call his own, he wished for a solitary space in which to bide his time.  How delighted he was, when he discovered a brown paper bag which happened to be the perfect size for one kitty!

Nixon In Bag After a short while, his good friend Little Britches came over to play.

Little Britches In Bag The End

Surprise!  Since I do most of the talking here, I have decided to let you get a word in.  Therefore, the first five respondents to my next post will get to pick a word, or short quote or passage, and I will hand-letter it for a future post.  I will retain the original, but you may enjoy the image for personal use.  I must approve all suggestions, and do keep in mind that they should be in the public domain should I sell them.  Most anything from “curio” to “gypsy” to nursery rhymes will work!

Happy Father’s Day, Sunday!

Write a good one!



Full Strawberry Moon — 11 Comments

  1. Ha! Am I a winner? I’ve been seeing many bunnies, too, makes me happy. We played a game the other night where we assigned animals to family members and Sophie said I’d be a mamma bunny. Perfect! Love the posts, Holly – very sweet, fun, and informative.

    • A mother bunny sounds like the coziest thing in the world! You’re a winner in my book, but you’ll have to show up in the top five next post – not this one – to get your word.

  2. Looks to me like Little Britches squashed Nixon flat. 🙂
    @Sharla – A big year for rabbits. Every time I mow near the hedge I startle fat baby bunnies who jump out and run, all jiggly and cute.

  3. We have some resident bunnies now. Fun to see. Plenty of cover under the big evergreens. Always enjoy the antics of kitties. Like kids that never outgrow their “wonder” lust.

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