Rainbows & Time To Bide

Happy Maritime Day

Welcome to Clutchpen and a very happy Maritime Day to you all!

Do you need a bit of music to put you in a seafaring state of mind?  Enjoy a listen: Scilly Shanty Singers singing Row Boatman Row.  These fellows live in the Isles of Scilly and sing a cappella folk songs.

We are quite landlocked in Clutchpen but we have pictures, such as this old print of “Eventide” by Anton Otto Fischer.

Eventide by Fischer


And books…

2014-05 maritime books upright 2014-05 maritime book spread 2014-05 maritime book spread (2)


I love the watercolor seascapes of Alwyn Crawshaw.  He and wife June live and paint in Norfolk.

Even the glass bookends have ships, and a wavy, watery quality which catches the light.

2014-05 bookend


Also, today is my birthday. To celebrate the 22nd of May, here are 22 four-leaf clovers.

2014-05 4 leaf clovers


Lastly, here is a poem written by my daddy years ago:

Rainbows and time to bide

Now forth we go a searching

Where should a four-leaf clover hide

Among the charms of Spring.

– Tanny Gupton Barnes

Do enjoy the remainder of the Merry Month of May!  Until next time…

2014-05 Bon Voyage


With love,





Rainbows & Time To Bide — 10 Comments

  1. I think that the value of 4-leaf clovers must be in decline. The kids have been finding them by the bucketful!

    I really love that print of “Eventide” and, of course, Treasure Island is one of the best books ever written.

    Fun post, Holly!

    – Jason

    • Or perhaps all the four-leaf clovers are simply here in our lawn.

      Those of us who know you are well aware of your reading addiction, Jason. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am delighted to know that maritime consciousness has found safe harbor at Clutchpen. You’ve pleasantly steered my blog-reading barque out onto calmed waters and I say, “Aye, Captain!”. May the winds of your poesy blow steady! and may your quill have the trident’s power to keep the inky pond aswirl! I’ll ship off with a final thought: If someone were to have surreptitiously removed your astrolabe, would this be termed an astrolabotomy? It would tend to leave one adrift on the ocean’s broad waves.

    • “Blow me down!” Or, rather, knock me over with a quill pen. When my prose and poesy can rival your response, my ship will have come in! Perhaps if I compose beneath a fisherman’s cap like your own, I shall find myself equal to the task.

    • Thank you, Mama! I must have had those bookends since I was a teen. Thank you for passing along the old print, too.

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