Everyone, I’m leafing!

Dave Reading

Leafing through my newly acquired book, that is.  I finally got my own copy of Sara Midda’s In and Out of the Garden.

It is full of my favorite things – plant lore, fanciful watercolors, scenes I want to live in, and a ribbon to mark my place.

In and Out of the Garden

Of Books And Solitude

Don’t you love to discover a book that is transporting, like a glimpse into another world?  It is a place to mull, daydream, and consider.

Skunk In Solitude

Botanical “Leafing”

And then there is another meaning for “leafing,” which is that magical process whereby seeds spring to life and trees go from this…

Treeline In Winter

to this!

Treeline In Summer

Yet Another Use For “Leafing”

This is when you embark out-of-doors to see what nature is up to.  A little airing is good for your health, but any excuse to watch the marching of the seasons will do.

Observation (alright, idle rambling) makes for great discoveries!  I spotted this variegated wingstem  (Verbesina alternifolia) near the creek.  There is a picture of the all-green sort, too.


One Last Thing

If you are one of the first five people to comment, I will hand-letter a word or quote of your choosing (with my approval) and include it in a future post.  Don’t feel put on the spot, though.  Go ahead and comment and tell me what you want later.


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Everyone, I’m leafing! — 11 Comments

  1. Love the James Russell Lowell quotation! And the solitary skunk next door. I’d say its character is not too wholesome….but its imagination is stoked!

    • Oh, I don’t know. If you smell like a skunk it’s probably hard to get into too much trouble. I bet their characters are pure and unblemished by worldly interactions. 🙂

  2. I am a defender of the humble skunk, and a lover of solitude (which should be easy to come by, if you smell like a skunk). Bravo on making the first comment!

  3. I really like the scene of the same treeline in winter/summer pics. And I request more skunk drawings. I don’t think there is a picture in the world that couldn’t be vastly improved by the addition of a skunk.

  4. Love the pencil drawing posted 20 Jun. And I have to agree with the poster above, the winter/summer are a nice touch. I will have to give that a try at my new home north of Yellowstone park.

    • Hello, Robert! It is a privilege to be someplace where you have a front seat view of nature. I imagine you have some spectacular scenery there. The pencil drawing is an old friend of ours from our courtship days.

  5. I also really like the photo of the same area in opposing seasons. Something to keep in mind on long, cold winter days. Truly a marvel of nature.

  6. I love all your drawings and paintings but my favorites are “Hope is the thing with feathers…” because I love Emily Dickinson (taught her poetry for many years) and the “Peace” banner on the tree. I also love reading your musings! They are whimsical, funny, insightful, and poetic!

    • Thank you so much, Aunt Sheila! Emily Dickinson is kind of a heart’s companion to me, I love her so. The good news is that you are the fifth person to comment, so be thinking on what word or quote you would like to have illustrated.

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